Dear Applicant,

You are providing services for LH or a subsidiary thereof. For that reason you need a contractor’s ID Card and/or a reliability screening/background check.

For application you have to transmit various personal data. Furthermore documents has to be attached which are needed digital.

Following documents are needed:

  1. Signed certificate of employment - an actual certificate of employment is needed for every application; use this form as "certificate of employment" Certificate of employment
  2. Copy of passport or ID card
  3. Colored photograph (neutral, single-colored background, jpg-format, minimum size 480 x 600 pixel, maximum storage size 900 KB)
  4. If applicable document of reliability screening
  5. If applicable document of security awareness training

For further communication we need an e-mail address. An activation link will be send to this e-mail address. This activation link is needed to fill the application and will expire in 24 hours.